S O M E O N E  C A R E D                                           K. B R U C E  L A N E


Since the downturn in the fishery and the Cod Moratorium, more and more houses around the province have reluctantly been abandoned and left to the uncaring elements of nature. I sometimes think I am addicted to photographing these buildings ... I can't seem to stop myself. Every time I see an abandoned house I feel a sadness within, not only for the people who once lived there, but also for the slow decay of our culture. I have literally thousands of photos of abandoned houses which once were alive with families. Each house could tell thousands of stories. I leave it up to the viewer to take (or make) stories from the following photos.

The photos on this page were all taken in Colliers, a small town in Conception Bay. They capture my walk among the two buildings and show a little of what I saw. Nature has nearly defeated these buildings and they are but skeletons of their former existence.

In January, 2000 I received an email from a person who thought he recognised the house shown in this photo essay. Shortly afterwards, I received emails from the entire family including two from the mother, who grew up here when she was a little girl.

To read the emails and stories about the house,  click here.

All photos on this page were shot with one of the first digital cameras.


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