Award winning photographer, K. Bruce Lane has over 500 000 images in his collection of photographs. His images of Newfoundland are now available for use by advertising agencies, government departments, publishing companies and businesses!

During his 40 years as a photographer, Bruce Lane has travelled throughout Newfoundland and Labrador capturing the beauty and essence of the province and its people. In addition, he has shot photos during his travels across North America. Many of these images have been published internationally in magazines, brochures, calendars, greeting cards and advertising campaigns.

With the introduction of K. Bruce Lane - Stock Photography, these beautiful images are now readily available for purchase.

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If you are interested in a particular photographic subject, please feel free to contact me by email with your request. I will answer you as soon as possible to advise you if I have the shot. I will attach a thumbnail of the image for your consideration.

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Photo Galleries

Visit K. Bruce Lane's Photo Galleries to view photographs. The photos in the galleries are representative of the categories of photos in our stock library. Publishers can order these photographs by e-mail. If you want to see additional photos, let me know by e-mail and I will display them. I appreciate feedback.


At K. Bruce Lane Photography, quotes for photo use are free and usage fees reflect the type of project. Prices will be quoted before you invest time in the selection process. For added convenience we accept payment by VISA or MasterCard. We guarantee competitive rates with other agencies worldwide.


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K. Bruce Lane
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